Snippets Issue 4

Quote for the Week

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” —William H. Gass

In the creation of a book or story, some kinds of magic take place. The writer brings about story and characters or instructions or memoirs or poems out of thin air using the mind and imagination to fuel the process. Although he or she learns the techniques of the craft, another element in creation comes from something that must be nurtured but cannot be taught.

Next time you read something someone else has written, relish the shared experience of tasting that something that is real yet not readily visible. Take a moment and acknowledge the miracle you are sharing.

And, writers, recognize how lucky we are that we can offer this gift to others.


Realization Releases in 2015

Grandfather Poplar

Grandfather Poplar is a wonderful young adult novel by Diana Henderson.

Imagine the forest you roamed throughout childhood was threatened and a development company was going to chop down all the trees. Wouldn’t you be compelled to save all the inhabitants of those woods? Join Melissa as she and her companions rally to try to preserve this pristine forest.

This e-book is available on Amazon here.

Casey’s Christmas

Casey’s Christmas is a children’s story for all ages. Written and Illustrated by W.R.Heustis, this charming story could become a Christmas classic. The tale of an orphan left during Christmas break at a boarding school expands our sensitivity to those around us and their hidden stories.

This book is available on Amazon here.