Publishing for Independent Authors

What Could a Book Do for You?

  • Create a Funnel: Your book can attract the kind of prospects you want because they are pre-selected by showing interest in your book. These people are more likely to purchase programs, consulting, products and other books from you.
  • Demonstrate your Expertise: Once you have written a quality book, you can be seen as a trusted authority. This status can open doors for you to do more with your business.
  • Increase Credibility: Whether your clients and readers have expertise in the field, they know or can imagine the effort involved in writing and publishing a book.
  • Earn Admiration:  You are the one who actually wrote and published the book-83126_1280book, not the one talking about it. Eighty-plus (80+%) percent in a poll say they wanted to write a book; three percent (3%) do.
  • Increase Visibility: Authors, especially non-fiction authors are often guests on blogs, radio interviews, and even Big Time television.
  • Generate Passive Income: Once the book is written, it can continue to earn income for you, in your sleep, at the beach or while you are climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • Honor- It is an honor to have someone approach you and tell you how your book changed his or her life.


Could You Be an Author?

At a recent networking event, I introduced myself as a writer to Jesse, a business person, who immediately raised an eyebrow and paused. Then he responded, “Yeah, I’m going to write my book soon. I’ve got a great idea that could help others make money faster and have more free time.”

When I asked him more about the book, he went on for five minutes and then paused in mid-sentence. “You wouldn’t steal my idea would you?”

I assured I wouldn’t and told him that he was the best person to write his book. I asked him when he would start writing, and he said, “Next week; I just have to find the time.”

A few minutes later I spoke with Mary. She confided that she had overcome some intense traumas and had a number of great stories about her life. “I could help others with what I have learned. Think I could write a good book.”

I asked her when she would start writing, and she looked at me with a sadness in her eyes revealing she probably would not.

I talked to Jesse a month later and asked how the writing was going. “Oh, I’m going to start next week,” he said. I haven’t heard from Mary since but wish her the best in writing her book.

The difference between the author and the wanna-be author is the difference between dreaming and doing. A number of hurdles can prevent the author-to-be from starting and completing the mission. I want to help John, Mary and others like you to manifest those writing dreams.


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