Snippets Issue 6

Quote for the Week

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”  ―Red Haircrow

The cleanest writing I have done is rooted in something that all readers can relate to and is free of my personal biases. When I express what is more universal, I reach more readers.

I know it is nearly impossible to remove the ego from our writing, but it can cloud the clarity of thought. This does not mean removing the passion from the writing; instead it means removing the filters of our narrowed views and seeing again with the innocence of a child.


Realization Press Readies to Release 12 books in 2016

Coming in February

You Can Keep Your Parents At Home

You Can Keep Your Parents at Home, Keep your Job and Life, Save Your Fortune and Sanity by Margo Arrowsmith is due for release in February as an ebook and as a paperback.

The author helps you make important decisions for your parent’s future. She explains the basics of parent care and reveals how to make a team that will empower you to keep your parents at home, saving a fortune, ensuring the best care for your parents, and maintaining your job, your friends and your sanity.

Current Publications

Life Turned Inside Out

Life Turned Inside Out by Regina Orraca was released in January. This romance is a fictional journey through recovery from divorce. Read this to follow Maria and Rafael as they rebuild their separate lives.

NEWS: The paperback edition will be out soon!

“I discovered that the book is not chic lit; not even close…It’s the story of two lives spinning in and out of control,” writes A.M. Henry in the Forward.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Grandfather Poplar 

Grandfather Poplar is a wonderful young adult novel by Diana Henderson.

Imagine the forest you roamed throughout childhood was threatened and a development company was going to chop down all the trees. Wouldn’t you be compelled to save all the inhabitants of those woods? Join Melissa as she and her companions rally to try to preserve this pristine forest.

This e-book is available on Amazon here.

Casey’s Christmas

Casey’s Christmas is a children’s story for all ages. Written and Illustrated by W.R. Heustis, this charming story will become a Christmas classic. The story of an orphan left during Christmas break at a boarding school expands our sensitivity to those around us and their hidden stories.

This book is available on Amazon here.